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Towcaster changes

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Just thought I would share with you what I have decided regarding Ashby on the Hill station in regards to the GCR avoiding line.

Typical GCR stations had either enclosed steps up to the over road bridge ,or steps down to the road under the station.

So here is the existing/former over bridge format with the Bachmann station covered steps with even a fire place, there's luxury for you 1897 style.

Now you'll see the bridge restricts access to some features and also at the far right side it doesn't look good and I have tried a few ways to make this work but to no satisfactory result the bridge simply does not fit properly, I could reduce the height of the village but this does work OK and gives adequat internal headroom, the arches showing this in the background, so the problem lies with the roads over to the right so I have come up with an alternative.

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Well I have consistently be bothered by the lack of detail I achieve as everything has to lift out for access such as the long bridge shown in the upper photo however the position of this bridge gets in the way of access when a derailment or similar such as track cleaning is needed so the alterenative Great Central access is to come up from below,

Those doing this included Lutterworth, Woodford, Braunston and Willoughby,

Those with upper access as above include Charwelton, Calvert, Ashby Magna, Finmere

Anyway you get the idea so as I had both options I decided to change over to the low access entry and this is OK as there is something that can be finished with the tram access on the main lower level.

so here is a view looking down the platforms with the stair access in place.

Bit more of a close uo here of the staircase building this may also be a ramp, the platform needs a renewal but my jigsaw has gone AWOL.

The platform access from underneath provides another benefit in the way of realism: with the road overbridge eliminated the signal box I can see positioned at the village end looks to me to have far better sighting along the running lines.

It's not just the jigsaw that's gone AWOL, in your most recent picture the D11 appears to be bent on escaping from the rails.;)
Interesting. The UK outline part of my layout has the main station based on Burton with the stairs coming down from the upper station but I am still not happy with it as the stairs dropped from an internal parlour / hall structure on the prototype (the thread is in my profile somewhere) and I am having to use a Superquick walkway across 3 platforms. Its going to get re-modelled when I have finished the Profi track laying.
Interesting comments, generally these are good points, certainly the area looks clearer, I could never get the connection right but I think by bringing forward the retaining wall at the back I May be able to run a tram up the gradient to the market place not sure where it would go but maybe to the village on the right would need some adjustments but hey its a model railway.
Meanwhile looking the other way, the platform is the old one so I need to make better one when I sort out the jig saw..

The other benefit is under the station there is access to the fiddle yard and this has never been well done, now I can make the trams disappear under there as there will be the lower access so it makes the whole area look neat well neater
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OK so some rubbish effort to expose here, the corner from hell! this shot shows an open balcony tramcar if you follow the line you'll see the step staircase and on, obviously ythe tram track cannot go much further but I can make it look like it will
so I had a think....... well I can make something of this;

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