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Tower 55 HO DCC

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Hi All,

Has anyone seen this maker or tried their locos as i have looked for information and not found a lot about them.
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They are the same company as BLI and PCM. They made some silly decisions with tower 55 using separated sound and drive decoder - it causes many problems and did tower 55 some real harm... Nicely made but not really different to BLI, Blueline, PCM etc....

Short version? Their engines suck. Period.

The plastics they use are imho inferior, they´re brittle, and likely to snap apart, the paintjobs on the engines I´ve seen had fuzzy edges, and the drivetrains are really bad at slow speeds.

For me, it´s avoid at any cost.
Doesnt sound too good then think i'll give them a miss .......... many thanks for the input though Richard/ ME 26-06
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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