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Tower Models O GWR BR 1361 Early 0-6-0ST
Review by Peter Morgan

I have recently been loaned a series of O gauge Tower Brass locos and given permission to review them.

The first of these is the Saddle Tank 1361.

It comes in a very sturdy box. With a foam liner and a secondary box keeping the loco firmly secure.

Brown Fluid Wood Shipping box Carton

First impressions are how good the loco looks in the bare sandblasted brass. It has a very professional finish. All the detail really stands out even better than it does with a painted finish. It also gives you a chance to see the craftsmanship of the factory.

Train Wheel Vehicle Rolling stock Steam engine

Train Locomotive Engineering Metal Fashion accessory

Train Wheel Vehicle Steam engine Rolling stock

Train Wheel Vehicle Toy Rolling stock

Train Vehicle Wheel Rolling stock Rolling

The castings are very crisp and the detail very good. I am really not an expert on GWR locos but I managed to find a couple of pictures of 1361. There are one or 2 minor detail points to keep an eye out for. At some point the toolbox changed side. I have a picture with it on the left and another with it on the right. The model portrays it on the right.

The second and probably most significant is the smoke box door. I must admit that the pictures I have are only poor quality and so I really cant be certain but it would appear that the prototype had a very distinctive door similar to the Adams locos of the LSWR. The model is fitted with a simple dished door more reminiscent of the GWR.

Train Brown Vehicle Rolling Railway

Interior detail is stunning. It has a full set of cab controls. And is the finest I have ever seen.

Wood Font Rectangle Metal Art

I am not normally a fan of small locos. I prefer something a bit grander. But in this case I have to make an exception. This engine could charm the knickers of a midland duchess! I could never imagine this engine weathered. I have a feeling that the prototype would have been very well looked after by its crew. It has so much character.

These models will be sold at Alexandra Palace on the stand SMR & Concept Ltd


- March 2009
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