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Track Cleaning
I use Condiment, basically the same as clear vinegar. You'll get a bottle from the local supermarket for less than a quid. Put some on a cloth then clean the track, then wipe it off with another cloth. A couple of spots on a cloth will do a yard of track. Also acts as a degreaser.

Loco. Wheels
Electrical Contact Cleaner spray. Comes in a spray tin. Costs a couple of quid per tin. Cleans off mosts of the dirt in an instant.

Motorised bogies can be a bit tricky (because you have to get the wheels to turn to get them all cleaned). I connect 2 wires from a Controller to 2 of the wheels. Put on about 1/2 power, and as the wheels turn, use a Peco Track cleaner against the wheels. Cleans each wheel in seconds.
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