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For cleaning track I used to use a Peco Rail Cleaner, but these keep wearing out, so I have invested in a Garryflex abrasive block, medium 120 grit, which appears to be the same thing on a much larger scale. It is very effective and should last me as long as I am ever likely to need it. These are supplied by Squires Model and Craft Tools.

For cleaning wheels, I use a device similar to that described by Neil. The low voltage sparks will do no harm.
It is very effective. I have made a cradle to rest my locos in upside down. It consists of three strips of ply, pinned and glued into a trough and lined with some velvet I happened to find in a lady's workbox. The loco is a snug fit in the velvet trough.

I don't fancy using solvents on my loco's wheels at all, they may attack plastic components. You must also be sure not to inhale any toxic vapours. They may also be flammable.

By the way did you know that you risk phosgene poisoning if you smoke whilst using mekpak? Phosgene was a WW1 poison gas.

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