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Following on from my first post in the Welcome forum, i have some more questions - as I haven't yet made up my mind on what scale to work in I felt this was the best place to ask these questions.

I am returning to the hobby after many years of not having the time etc.

I will openly admit despite not being great at these things i find the model making aspect of the hobby as rewarding, if not slightly more so, than running the trains.

So - i am looking to build a new layout - nothing to grand, but am planning to put it in my loft as this is the only room i have. I have several questions that i would be grateful if members could answer me...

What books of track plans are there, that you would recommend? I ask as i have seen some negative comments. I understand it is highly unlikely that i will be able to copy one verbatim, but i think it may be able to give me some ideas of what i can get in the space available.

I would look to do something with a shunting/ goods yard of some sort, but if possible may put a loop in (i have horrid memories from my childhood, of getting engrossed trying to un-couple some wagons whilst letting my dads favourite engine run straight though the buffers taking a full rake of carriages with them... it gets wore as most of them ended up going though the open loft hatch to the floor below - this was a painful experience in more ways than one...
- so this is realy just a safety thing to protect against my absent mindedness!

Scale - i think from a detail point of view the OO scale is probably best for me, but i would appreciate comments. I have also been reading about P4 but am a little confused on this - i know this mainly to do with track guage - but does it affect line side accessories and buildings - or are HO/OO building kits acceptable?

Hand built track - while i am at it - does anyone know of any good on-line tutorials on how to actualy build track? I have seen Templot which designs track and other track layout software, but i have not seen anything on the actual mechanics of building the stuff. I have seen some very expensive templates from a company called "Fast Tracks" but this is way more than i think most individuals would want to spend... so how do you go about laying hand built track - curving rails etc??

Sorry if these are real 'noob' questions but i am getting hung up on them instead of splashing the cash and diving in...

Any comments greatly received.

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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