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QUOTE Having recognised that there are two distinct methods "Track Bus Digital" and "Wired Bus Digital" is there not a case for splitting the DCC forum into two so that those who use track bus arrangements can keep their discussion seperate from those who use the wired bus arrangements?

We can broadly accept that wired bus arrangements can have advantages however the flexibility that track bus arrangements offer may outweight these advantages for those who like the flexibility of creating layouts which are less permanent and who still wish to use digital control.

My thoughts are that by having a seperate area for "Track Bus" systems this will encourage those who want to keep things simple to give digital control a go and participate more openly within the forum.

QUOTE Personally, I would not be in favour of splitting DCC into two "bus" forums, as a long term DCC user I find that most of the problems/issues are not "bus type" based, although a "beginers/entry level" forum may not be a bad thing. Personally, I would still try to offer advice where I think it could be useful or welcome. I would agree with this too. I think beginner and DCC proficient would be better than using the bus type to differentiate. This way heated debates could be avoided by the different perpectives. Roco and Fleischmann DCC is quite a bit more advanced than the Hornby Bachmann systems and people using them are more likely to be in the DCC proficient category.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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