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Good points Gary.

The "track bus" arrangement will be quite sufficient for a lot a people, certainly the people with smaller layouts provided that the track connections throughout are sound, as they should be for DC analogue operation anyway. It's only when the layout starts to grow it may be preferable to convert to "wired bus".

My advice would be to "suck it & see" - if you start getting problems like runaways or such (especially at the ends furthest away from the controller) then you may have to convert to a "wired bus". For example you could have 2 "identical" layouts approx 8 x 4 with one person operating 5 steam outline locos & mostly goods stock & no point control via DCC who will probably be fine with "track bus" - the next person is operating 5 diesel locos with sound/lights & mostly passenger all with lights & point control via DCC ! Two extremes but the second one will probably need a "wired bus". There is a very easy way to test your wiring integrety - if anyone is interested I'll post it.

There is no difference between any of the DCC systems offered - the principles are exactly the same - you could operate a layout with a track length 100m away from the control point with a Select if you used a "wired bus", likewise you could operate a 3' long depot layout with a Lenz LH100 using a "track bus".

Personally, I would not be in favour of splitting DCC into two "bus" forums, as a long term DCC user I find that most of the problems/issues are not "bus type" based, although a "beginers/entry level" forum may not be a bad thing. Personally, I would still try to offer advice where I think it could be useful or welcome.

Both right & wrong IMHO - lets all see if we can discuss this issue - I'm sure there is a lot of useful input out there. Maybe something for Doug to consider over Christmas.

Talking of which everyone have a great Christmas & an even better 2007.
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