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Track Cleaning

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QUOTE f I have been using a Relco track cleaner and remove it in order to fit DCC will I effectively be back to the same contact & poor running problems that caused me to fit the Relco in the first place? ChrisE

I must say that in years of running DCC track cleaning is very much reduced. A/C current deflects dirt so I'm told. Now and again I'd run a centreline around the layout, and have two modified Rocoline track cleaners that use hardboard pads. The Rococleans had terrible coil springs, I just fabricated a couple leaf springs and they work very well.
I stopped using googone and rail zip a few years ag, I find meths or sugical fluid on the centre line works well. For loco wheels I use a little Trix wheel brush that brings them up very clean. All of this reduces layout maintainance, and increases running time.
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Can you share some details on the Trix wheel cleaner you refer to? Is this a current product, or are you aware of any similar product on the market currently? Many thanks
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Ah My favourite track cleaner - Meths.... Hic Hic

Actually I haven't seen anyone mention Surgical Sprite before, but it's the one I opt for everytime I use a fluid cleaner. It leaves no residue and cleans like Mr Sheen! Is really cheap and no funny looks from the chemist when it's purchased unlike white Meths!
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Yes the wheel cleaner is on the gauge master site. Its a block whick makes contact with the rails, the other side is brass brissels make contact with your wheels. You get a lovely
shine on them, works for DC & DCC and is very cheap.
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Ah you need to go careful with that surgical sprite Brian
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QUOTE Ah you need to go careful with that surgical sprite Brian

See, I warned all of the problems with Meths!!!!!
Hic hic I'll 'ave another Cheers!
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Hi Makemineadouble
Have I been using (drinking) to much Meths or have you?

QUOTE Its a block whick makes contact with the rails
Not to many Whick's eh??? Ha ha

Have a good weekend and keep the Meths for track cleaning (Well most of it anyway)
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