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I read that aswell. The fact is the owners of the factories in China want to charge more for their services and raw materials and energy and shipping are more expensive.

Now let us not forget that Bachmann, Heljan and others also manufacture wholly or partly in China, as do nearly all the hobby companies in the USA and so on and so forth.

Hornby will not be an isolated case. Its going to be a relative move by all manufacturers worldwide.

Train fares in the UK have gone up by 8%. Have we seen an improvement in rail travel that is claimed in justification of this rise? At least we continue to see improvements in the products from the hobby manufacturers.

£230 for a one way ticket from Edinburgh to London. You can buy 3 Hornby locos for that and they will last you a lifetime!

Now I am not defending any of the rises simply providing food for thought.

Happy modelling
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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