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Track design programs/on-line

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Apart from the Hornby Virtual Railway, are there any computer programs or websites that can be used for track design at all?

I was never great at technical drawing at school, so something that allows you to try out different set ups to see if they'll fit on baseboards and to show what track pieces would be needed would be good - especially helpful for a beginner like me!

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Hi there and welcome to the MRF.

The subject of Model Railway CAD software comes up pretty regularly and the link below will take you to the most recent thread.


As I said in the topic that Expat quoted
, I have tried the free version of AnyRail and ound it very useful.
P.S. I still have not got the knack of posting pictures or I would give an example of what I have done with AnyRail.
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Thanks Expat.

Apologies for doubling up of posts! I'm a clutz at searching, so it's good to know there is some stuff about this already covered.


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