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Track Diagram for Leuchars Junction

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Can anybody assist or point me to a track diagram for Leuchars Junction, on the East Coast mainline between Dundee and Edinburgh, as it would have been in the mid fifties when the branch line to St Andrews and the one to Tayport were still operating,


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I think I have a Track Layout file of Leuchars Junction done in Rail3D a while back. I think I might have it at work. I wouldn't be able to Capture a Screen Image of it, coz it's far too big to be able to fit onto the screen all at once.

You could Download the Software from (it's free) and I could email the Layout file to you if that's any help.

Don't know how complete it is.
Hi Mike.

I've got that Rail3D Track Layout file for Leuchars. Incidentally, it basically 1970s - 1980s track layout, but the gist of it is there, including the routes of the Tayport and St. Andrews branches. I don't know if you've managed to download the Rail3D software yet.

I received your message through the Model Rail Forum, but in any event, you'll have to give me Email details so I can send you the file.

Track Layout file for Leuchars is on its way to you via your Email address. Leuchars.TRK3.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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