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Track Diagram for Leuchars Junction

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Can anybody assist or point me to a track diagram for Leuchars Junction, on the East Coast mainline between Dundee and Edinburgh, as it would have been in the mid fifties when the branch line to St Andrews and the one to Tayport were still operating,


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I can't think of a track diagram location off the top of my head but you may find the Railways of Scotland DVDs veryuseful for prototypical information. The Edinburgh to Aberdeen one shows some good footage of Leuchars, Guardbridge and St A's at this time. The Fife one concentrates more on Thornton junctions and south Fife.

I found this

and this

But you would probably want something more localised.
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This is a slight tangent from the original query but I figured that anyone looking at this would be familiar with Fifes railways. Does any have or know where I can get photographs of the Old Station and Railway line in Leven and onward to Largo? I have bought the two Railways of Scotland DVD's which cover Fife and also The last days of steam in Fife but they seem to focus on Thornton Junction and west south Fife. Any pointers would be appreciated.
If you're interested in photos of the old station, which to be honest hasn't changed in fifty years, this book has some good ones.

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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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