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Track layout guidelines 1

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I am sure we are all familiar with the "6 foot" way between running lines, but I was wondering if a wider gap was mandated between running lines and shunting sidings and the like. Does anybody know?

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Yes it is normal to have a wider gap between running lines and sidings. Not only for the safety of the railway staff shunting the stock, but also to provide room for signal posts, point rodding and the likes.

Also, don't forget to ballast the main line with clean stone and the sidings. with cinders and weeds. That always helps to set them apart.

Apparently at one time the Ministry of Transport required 10ft seperation between pairs of running lines ie each pair would be the standard 6foot apart and each pair was expected to be ten foot from its nearest neighbour. But I don't have any date as to when this was introduced or information if this is still a requirement.
Not one of my books on full-size or model railways gives me any further information on this matter.
John Webb
Thank you both.

>the Ministry of Transport required 10ft seperation between pairs of running lines
I was wondering how to get the 10ft in a simple way, so I measured the difference between the Streamline 6ft spacing and the Setrack spacing on the Peco way gauge. Guess what? The difference = 16mm which at 4mm to the foot = 4 feet, so the Setrack spacing is 10ft - sorted.

If the designer of the gauge is reading this, I bet he/she is feeling really smug right now!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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