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Track layout guidelines 2

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I know from reading "Railway operation for the Modeller" that catch points should be installed near the foot of gradients, but I was wondering if in the case of a double track line they are installed on both running lines or only on the line where the foot of the gradient is in the rear of the train - ie the catch point derails hauled wagons / carriages which become detached rather than loose shunted stock some where further up the line in advance of the normal running of the loco.

Does anybody know?

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I fairly certain that they were only provided on the 'uphill' direction where, if a coupling broke on a truck, they were then able to run away from the loco in the wrong direction and therefore needed to be stopped. On lengthy gradients there would be catchpoints at several places to prevent runaways from gaining too much speed before they were derailed.
For trains that ran away downhill due to defective brakes or other problems, ie with the loco leading, there were sometimes dead-end sidings with sand-drags provided to protect junctions or other running lines. These however would be under the control of a signal-box.
John Webb

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