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Hi Timp and welcome.

Your question is far from being stupid. There are several ways of fixing track and each of us have our preferred different method of which none are necessarily right or wrong. I too use ply although I use 12mm, but as far as fixing track it doesn't really matter whether is 6mm, 12mm or any other mm of course. Peco offer two types of track pin. One is more like a small nail than a pin but the other is a fine blacken pin which is not too noticeable once the track has been ballasted although on close inspection it will always be possible to see the head on top of the sleeper. The down side of these pins is that being quite fine, they are difficult to insert into the ply and easily bent so it may be necessary to drill a small hole through the sleeper and into the ply first. I have to agree with the comments made by others that track is better stuck down with PVA but I'm afraid I don't totally agree that pinning of the track increases noise transmission. Noise transmission is a product of the level of rigidity of the track in relation to the baseboard and sticking the track to the baseboard will have far more effect in increasing this rigidity than simply pinning. The method I prefer is to fix the track using neat PVA but by using drawing pins rather than track pins to temporarily hold it in place until the PVA has set. If the drawing pins are inserted between the sleepers with the heads holding the sleepers firmly in position rather than inserting pins through the sleepers it will allow for minor adjustments to the alignment of the track before the PVA sets. Once the PVA has set the drawing pins can be removed and the track ballasted in the conventional manner ie. ballast applied dry and fixed using a 40/60 mix of PVA/water plus the obligatory drop of washing up liquid.

Hope to see some pictures Tim once it's all up and running so to speak.

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