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QUOTE (TimP @ 10 May 2007, 06:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello everyone...

Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question....

Like a number of others I have returned to modelling after a gap of a number of decades, and am building my first layout since the 70s.

Back then I used chipboard for the baseboards, this time I have gone for much thinner 6mm ply - think it's quite nice stuff and certainly makes the whole shooting match lighter...

I am struggling to find nice track pins though that are both short and not chunky - am using peco streamline 100 (after much deliberation - get back into it gently before I try P4 or EM!) - any suggestions

Thanks in Advance


(modelling the Western Region Transition Era on the Black Isle)


Like you, I use ply, although mine is 12mm thick. I use cork floor tiles (much cheaper than the stuff you get in model shops and it is the same thing) glued to the ply as a track bed. Track is glued to the cork using Evo Stick or similar impact adhesive.

I agree with MakeMineADouble - track pins look crap and really give a layout a trainset appearance, especially when you try close-up photography.
If noise is an issue, track pins will always successfully transfer it straight into the baseboard, straight through any other material used under the track. With the glueing technique, there is no method of noise transmission between track and board surface - cork in between stops this. The use of ballast on top of cork with the glueing method will have little/no effect on noise - it is the baseboard itself which acts as a resonating board.

Photos of my layout:

and a whole series of articles which contain other pictures at:

Graham Plowman
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