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Having been busy building an 8ft x 4ft layout containing 2 parallel running main lines and a goods yard of several sidings, temporarly laid out runs no probs with normal dc track clip as only wiring. I am going dcc. Will it work the same way or is it essential to bus wire it, or just advantageous to do so. Or not really necessary on this size layout. I do intend to floor out the loft later to build something about 16ft x 8ft which is the approx. space I'll have maybe more. Fancy doing Tyne yard and surrounding area as I worked from there as a railwayman for many years.

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Hi Jingling,

If you're planning to go DCC it is always better to install a power bus, with every length of rail connected to the bus rather than relying on the metal track connectors and point blades to carry the current. Connectors will move slightly with the expansion and contraction of the track/boards and eventually this will cause a resistance to build up within the rail connector and lead to unreliable running.

With every piece of track and points directly connected to the power bus you will be sure that power is reaching every section of track which is one less thing to cause running/reliability problems.

Hope this helps,

Happy modelling,

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