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I've built the baseboard and having read many comments on this Forum have purchased Peco code 75.The next job is to lay the track but i'm going to have to use Tracksetta's. Do I need all the available Tracksetta sizes 10" through to 60"or are there certain sizes I will need more than others. Anyones advise would be really helpful
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Tracksetta's are really useful. Stick to the more useful radi 24" 30" 36" and maybe larger depending on the area you have. Don't bother with anything smaller than 24" a lot of loco's won't go round these small radi.
You might want to make a trammel using some thing box wood and a nail as the centre, you can then measure off radius points drill a hole to accept a pencil and you can cover most useful sizes, and those that you don't have.

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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