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Most trackside conduit is, I thought, concrete troughing, not metal. There are exceptions, for instance where the individual cables are carried across a bridge in metal troughs on brackets fixed to the bridge where there is not enough room for the concrete troughing. London Transport use hang their cables on brackets both in tunnels and on surface sections with brackets on posts. The Southern Railway used troughing in their resignalling works in the 1930s onward. I believe most other railways/regions stuck with telegraph poles until after WW2 except again where major resignalling or electrification works took place.

For the larger scales "0" and above, the very smallest size of plastic cable trunking sold for domestic use might be used. Otherwise perhaps some of the 'Plastruct' or similar U-channel in an appropriate width used upside down? Then paint over in a suitable 'concrete' colour.
John Webb
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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