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Train Magic

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Has anybody got information about Danish company having invented a system by which a computer knows the exact position of locos. It is called Rail Magic .
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Read through the website for this and also the above-mentioned threads with more fascination than real interest. How is it all going to work in the real world? Got to the bit about how the system will handle multiple boosters and quickly came to the conclusion the product is doomed. This is what the website says about multiple power districts:

"In order to ensure that the transfer of responsibility is smooth, the track which connects the two different power districts must be quadruple isolated. This means that a piece of the track longer than the trains must be double isolated in each end. We are going to provide a piece of electronics called the Layouter that will switch the power to the track piece between the two power districts. Until the Layouter becomes available, boosters will not be supported."

So any track crossing two power districts basically needs the equivalent of an auto-reverser with a length of track for your longest train? Totally impractical in my opinion.
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There's now a healthy discussion taking place on RMWeb, with the designer of the system taking part.

See Railmagic

The product is actually called Railmagic rather than Train Magic so it might be worth amending the title of this thread to aid searching, for example.
Second para - no idea what method they're using for back-communication. Something RailCom-ish would seem logical.

- Nigel
This is what they say in their setup document -

"This system will use the address 8191 for special operations and this address must therefore not be used by any locomotive."

This from the very brief start-up guide, plus there are some videos for calibration and setup here - How-to – Railmagic
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