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I have had the same thing happen to me too! one minute fine, the next it has blown! Seems to be the hornby decoder, slthough when they do work they guve really good low speed running. Don;t l;et this bad luck put you off DCC it is well worth perservering: I have learnt the hard way many times!

oh, by the way, Hornby decoders are reputed to become hot when on track, but the flashing sounds like a short circuit.

I have been trying to email hornby since the end of december for a replacement decoder and so far have sent 5 messages (at least) to variuos contacts on their website and have had no reply. Their customer service is appaling. I cannot take decoder back to shop as I lost the receipt.

Anyone else have problems with Hornby Customer service?

And a picture would be good if you want help on wiring!

Hope this is of help and that you get it working again soon!
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