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Hey, I have worked out what I am after all these months!

I am a train set modeller!

Not for me (at this time) spending months creating a fantastic looking layout with my own fair hands (have done it in the past mind you).

Times change and now I spend spare time creating temporary layouts within the smallish area I currently have available and plonking up a few ready made off the shelf buildings and scenery and then just having fun with this.

I have a smallish area about 6' x 3' 6" covered with a green material on which to put things and the green is meant to be representative of grass however the instant layout featured in one of the Model Rail TV programmes makes me want to experiment with large sheets of black paper on which I can loosely scatter green stuff over to represent grass. This scatter can then be tidied away when things get packed away so not wasted. Not for me things like ballast and trackbed.

Folk should not be visiting here and saying Model Rail Forum is not for them as its for railway modellers who seek perfection.

The biggest proportion of folk in this hobby are train set modellers possibly bought up on Thomas the Tank Engine and Battlespace and many of us can totally relate to you!

Don't be embarressed to participate here just because you are a train set modeller using off the shelf products, buildings, and set track. We are actually the biggest group of hobbyists out there!

Lets have your ideas for your train set as we are as interested in these as in the ideas from expert railway modellers. And with Xmas coming up our group is going to get a lot bigger!

I'll get some black paper over the next few days and create another instant layout and take a few photographs so that you can see what is possible. I have a sneeky feeling that you will be surprised at how good it looks!

So is anybody else going to come out of the closet and admit to being a train set modeller?

We are the bread and butter of the hobby and so our views are important!

Happy modelling

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In a way i am. My layout which (Current plan being) is scheduled to be starting sometime early next year. It'll measure 6ft x 1ft, and basically consists of 4 sidings to park engines in (And photograph them), and will have a little town scene as well. Main aim of the layout is to provide something that can be used for shunting purposes (A station would be nice, but in this space its not that practical to have one)

All track is going to Hornby ... as will the buildings ... and the ballast ... and the controller ... but the grass will be some of the woodland scenics stuff (Looks nicer than Hornbies does)
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