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My experiences with MSTS have largely been positive, mainly due to the at-cost route CDs from UKTrainSim, and also the commercially release products. Only problems I have had with it have been when I have run routes that the computer couldn't handle. The important thing with MSTS is that when you delete something, you will likely have to delete some other things as well; and to get a single download to show up in game, you will also need to create a couple of things too!

All in all, its a good program, but is now creaking a little bit with the quality of content that it is running now! Its relatively simple to create activities in MSTS, but routes are difficult, thanks largely to an editor that crashes now and again

Trainz is good for creating routes, but not so much for activities, although this has improved somewhat over the course of releases. As has been mentioned, its not quite a model rail sim, and not quite the real thing, but unfortunately for the casual user, it appears that more and more content is being produced as payware which, although excellent quality, cannot all be bought at once

Has anyone tried the freeware program, BVE? Its a Japanese cab simulator, and the latest versions allow for excellent recreation of physics and lighting levels. Recent routes produced include the London Underground Northern Line, and also part of the Birmingham Cross-City Line. Its a good program to play, but creating is again tricky, as its done in a programming code, or in a basic thirdparty utility.

Haven't tried HVR, so can't comment there.
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