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I started with the basic Hornby virtual railway and moved on to HVR2 which permitted much larger layouts. I use this to plan my next layout in principle. The only gripe I have with HVR2 is that if you install the latest upgrade it will not permit the use of points on raised track. One way round this is to uninstall the programme, build a layout with points incorporated on the raised level then upgrade to the latest version. If you want to change the layout, just store the points on one side and move them in as required.

I have MS Train simulator, originally I thought it was quite good but you can only control the loaded loco. The ability to make my own layouts is completely beyond my comprehension.

I bought Trainz 2004 from my local supermarket for £6. This is excellent so far. You can operate as many trains as you like, the turntables work and although not easy I understand how to build my own layouts. I am considering buying the new 2006 version.

Hopefully MS will get motivated to improve their simulator.

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