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People think that because they Locos are only on 15 inch Gauge and smaller than their cars that the train will inflict hardly any damage to their car
The Leighton and Buzzard has a similar problem because people think the train will inflict little damage on their cars BIG mistake
I saw on Tv a while ago a Bentley Driver weaved through the gap of a Barriers level crossing and the moment it left the crossing a HST went through at high speed I could only shudder to think what would have happened if he had been slightly slower
You will please to know the camera caught his registration plate and he suspended from driving because of dangerous driving and endangering lives
Also I saw some statistics and apparently the biggest cause of Railway Related death in the USA is from people in cars on level crossings
on another program a family in America parked on a railway line and had a picnic! When the police told them to move they refused and well the were spread over a mile of railway later
How can people be this stupid!
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