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Traverser Table

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I know a few companies used to make OO/HO traverser tables, but I can't seem to track any down that are still in production and they seem to be as rare as hens teeth on ebay these days.

Are there any still in production? I guess it would help if I knew the correct german for traverser table!


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Hi Rob,

One of our club members purchased a Maerklin Traverser/Transfer table from
Item no: 7294 as Doug puts it. Price 195 Euro.
Picture as below

They had a real rough time to digitalize it.
Plus, it has an awful ear blasting sound during operation.

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QUOTE (80class @ 12 Feb 2008, 21:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Well well.....just picked one up off ebay! (item number 360020822786) its not in good shape, but for £34 including postage Its worth a good look! Will post back when it arrives!

Thanks to everyone who helped,



Rob are you a 3 rail man?

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