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On many British layouts - especially those that are back and forth module like - we see a traverser, usually in the fiddle yard that enables the operator to move a loco or rolling stock from one line to another.

I have not seen and traversers that have been incorporated into the model itself. Is this because British outline doesn't use them?

On the continent, they are found everywhere and make a great feature to model.

The railway yard at Creteil, South-East of Paris

And detail of the traverser

A Pont Transbordeur at Romilly-sur-Seine. This is one of 3 or 4 traversers at the yard

To find more info on this, look through Google. The English call it a Traverser or Transfer table. The French call it a Pont Transbordeur. The Germans call it a Schiebebühne.

Märklin has one in HO/OO and Z, with 2 approach tracks and 8 stall tracks, that you can add to your layout. It can be hooked up to a DCC point decoder and the associated button can move the bridge forwards or backwards. It stops automatically at each stall track.

You could build one from scratch with a stepper motor. Perhaps use the bits from an old scanner or CD-ROM drive.

I'm keen to play around with one of these and will do a little further research into the pros and cons of making one as opposed to buying the Märklin model.
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According to the 'Oxford Companion to British Railway History' traversers fell out of favour in the UK partly because coaches and other railway vehicles kept getting longer and exceeding the length of existing traversers. According to the same source there were two in use at Birmingham Moor Street station until 1967.

There is one in public view at the Crich Tramways museum in Derbyshire; this was added a few years ago to improve the movement of trams from their shed roads to the access to the main running tracks. I believe one or two traversers may have also been preserved at the former Swindon loco works, though I havn't been there myself to see.

Traversers do seem to be more popular 'behind the scenes' than 'out front' on British layouts.
I saw a excellent transverser at the Colchester show one year made by the MERG group using a scanner stepper motor I am sure they can supply details also Red Dog sell the transverser hardware
Red Dog ,9 Harcourt,Bradwell,Milton Keynes,MK13 9EN send for illustrated catalogue they sell baseboard parts dowels,bolts,catches,transverser parts etc by mail order advertise in Railway Modeller
Look what I found on eBay.

A stunning transfer table, but at a rather hefty price of € 2.329.

Click here for the article.

I'm thinking of scratch building one of these - to a design similar to this.
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We used to have Traversers in our Carriage works in the UK. I have seen the one at Derby as recently as about 1992, and I shall try and find out if it is still there.

Tyseley MPD had a traverser at one time. This link has more history: Tyseley MPD
QUOTE (Dennis David @ 3 Jul 2006, 18:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If they made one in N-Scale I'd have one of those on my layout.

Brawa used to/still do one in HO - maybe they did in "N" ?

best regards
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they used traversers at the carriage works in wolverton bucks.
These can still be seen if you use google earth and fly to wolverton mk. then zoom in on the carriage works.

I intend to model a streth of the mainline and the works. to include the now missing wooden station building that was built on the road bridge above the track, the sheds where the royal train was/is stored and the canal.
PS although I had a train set as a kid this will be my first serious attempt at a proper model railway, including kit bashing and scratch building!!!
if any one knows of the product code for the traverser in HO id apprciate it!
Given me a great idea to have an automated track selecting traverser, even if it is off stage so to speak. Thanks!
They still use one at the Hutt Railway workshps in Wellington New Zealand.

I am pretty sure that they use one at one of the loco sheds on the Gotthard in Switzerland.

The Marklin one is noce and works well, except it can be a bit noisy. That being said it isn't cheap, but it does work, so you need to weigh up how much itwould cost to buy the bits to make one, then how much time you are willing to spend building it and getting it running vs buying one that works from out the box.

I have a friend who is building one in 1:32!


im sure ive seen one to come on HELJANsite but cant remember part number billy
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Going back to real traversers I know crewe works has one that works as it had 86401 on it at an open day a few years back to which I have a picture somewhere. If I find it I will put it on.

With regards to on a layout I would love to have been able to plan one into the layout but oh well maybe on another layout.
The part number is 89021. There's a plan view photo in the centre of page 1 of the Heljan 2008 products pdf (Follow this link). Availability was estimated as Q4, 2008; so that's Warley then?

QUOTE (Dennis David @ 4 Jul 2006, 00:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've checked. There's none listed.

Minitrix used to make one, complete with turntable. Catalogue number 56 6513 00. I have a spare one which I was going to put up on eBay (when I can find it). If you are interested, get in touch with me using a private message.

Best wishes,
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