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Trenini Elettrici e plastico Ferroviario di Capotrenogio'

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Hello everyone, I am an italian "ferromodellista"
I want to present you my new web site
Visit My Website
I hope you will find it pleasent.

Un caro saluto a tutti

Capotreno Gio'
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Hi & welcome to Model Rail Forum.

I will have a look at your website later.
Hi Capotreno Gio'

Nice Homepage.
Welcome to the forum.

Wine cellar, wife who helps with the layout. Oh how I envy you Capotreno Gio. :)
Hi again Capotreno Gio - have now had a chance to look at your website properly - very nice !
Hi again Capotreno Gio - have now had a .......

thanks, thanks to everyone for yours welcome.

I live in Biella, north west of Italy, I work in a Bank, and when i can i play with my model train.
Naturally i like also bike, ski and swim.......
Now i have also my website an i am happy.


Capotreno Gio'
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Hi Capotreno Gio

Firstly welcome to MRF - I think you are the first here to model Italy, well, I don't know of any others.

A very impressive website and a good collection of rolling stock as well.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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