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Just a couple of points on the 3MT.

The smoke unit available from January 1961 was not the Tri-ang "Syncrosmoke" unit. It was the Seuthe "smoke pot".
The Tri-ang "Syncrosmoke" unit was not added to the 3MT until 1969.

The first Tri-ang 3MTs were made in 1956 (in celluose acetate, the early plastic which "warped".).
In 1959, along with the later (D shaped) couplings, the crest changed to the post 1956 version.
The first Gren 3MTs arrived in 1960, the see through wheels, early smoke unit and magnadhension came with the new chassis block in 1961. New style brass safety valves appeared from around 1963.
In 1967, the 2MT was "deleted", "replaced" by the M7 tank loco.
In 1969, the 3MT was re-introduced (In Green) to "boost" the BR loco fleet (Most Tri-ang Hornby locos were being introduced in the "grouping" pre-1948 liveries.).
It remained available until around 1972-3.

(You probably used the same reference as myself here. Pat Hammonds Rovex History?)
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