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This article in the resources section at Model Rail Forum should bring memories flooding back for many of us. For those under 35 and who enjoy the highly detailed model railways of today you will appreciate how fortunate we are to live in the times that we do!

Click the link to take you to the article:-

Tri-ang Hornby in 1969 - How does it compare with Hornby of 2005?

Does anybody remember rushing into Beatties like I did and picking up a Hymek Freightliner train pack?

Or were you Rocket men?

The latest 2005 Hornby catalogue has a Serco Railtest Train Pack (R2427) and that may well prove to be the "Hymek Freightliner train pack" of 2005!


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What about the Minic GT40 of 1969?

I reckon it was better proportioned than its bigger Scalextric brother at that time!

I still have some of that Minic Railway track in the loft (I think?). It was great fun trying to knock the cars off with the trains (the Dock Shunter was the biz in this regard) but the trains are too good these days to risk such adventures!

And so who can spot what was in the 1969 catalogue and also in the 2005 catalogue?


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Great article Gary.

Brought back memories of my first trains as a 7year old. (I'm 41) The first engine I had was the Dock Shunter in red and assorted carriages. For some reason my parents didn't buy us sets

My second engine was the Lord of the Isles which ran like a gazelle provided you didn't put any carriages behind it.

Now I'm collecting Tri-ang /Triang-Hornby trains as a hobby as well.

Recently,I bought a RS609 set with a Princess class and two "LMS" carriages. (they are actualy the caledonians in LMS livery)

It was interesting to put the 1971 Princess beside one I purchased only two years ago and note the differences. The more recent models are nearly a centimetre longer for a start.

I only wish I knew now what I knew then about my trains.

Thanks again.
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