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Trian motor replacements

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Hi everyone.
New to site! I am a 00 modeller, just coming back in after a quite a few years out of it. I have been purchasing Bachmann models which I find excellent, but I have quite a large stock of old triang which run ok but would like to consider motor replacements.
The motors are all the same, in a few class 31's and a couple of Blue Pullmans and are of the vertical type, as opposed to the X04's.
Is there a motor \ gear box on the market that can replace with?
I'd be glad of your thoughts - Thanks
Regards Neil yG
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Welcome to the Forum.

I presume when you say 'Vertical' motors you mean the type nick-named as 'Pancakes'? There are more modern versions of these still made I understand. It is possible to access the service sheets from the Hornby website Spares are available from a number of people including and

Hope this is of help,
John Webb
This website has the service sheets for the Blue Pullman and many other Tri-ang locomotives. Look at the menu to the left and click on Train Sets.
I don`t know the name for them but the 31 and Pullman all had a motor bogie with a worm each end of the armature that drove a cog directly on the axle. This was long before the ringfield "pancake" motor first showed up in the Class 47.
My older brother had an old 31 and I think when I asked hornby they no longer had the parts but recommended somewhere that might have done them, but I can't remember where. You could try East Kent Models (see Model Rail mag for contact details) as they do spares for quite a few Hornby items, but I think you will need a specialist.
Just dug out an old Hymek with same sort of motor , the bogie is cast metal so there`s going to be quite alot of work adopting it to take , say, a spud or black beatle. If it can be repaired try sticking with the original .They hum along nicely when in good feetle.
Just out of curiosity, what was the last loco to be fitted wit the X04 motor ? and what year would that have been ?
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The X04 evolved into the X03 around 1976. It overlapped with the increasing use of 'can' motors bought in by Hornby and even Pat Hammond's detailed history of Triang Hornby cannot say what the last loco to be fitted with the X04 or its direct successors was.

John Webb
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