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Triang Celestial

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I have a rake of celestials from the Lord of the Isles set. They do look impressive on display especially with Bachmann's superb City of London
I wonder has anyone has repainted or detailed these coaches. As I understand the livery, the waist down was brown while window frames were crimson

It would seem reasonably simple to "roll" the crimson around the window frames with some sort of semi solid paint infused roller. I am not dextrous enough to use a brush, or mask and spray

OR am I daydreaming
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Just a correction on terminology: the coaches are 'clerestory' coaches, not 'celestials'.

These coaches have existed since Tri-ang days and have made a few appearances over the years - I recall they appeared as LNER 'teaks' in the late 1980's and of coarse, they appear in the Thomas range as 'Old Slowcoach'.

As far as I am aware, they don't represent anything prototypical, but they do represent early GWR panelled stock, so would have the panelling fully lined out. The livery presented in your picture is more appropriate for the 1920's and 30's, by which time, these coaches would have long since been decommissioned!

My father worked on a rake of these back in the early 1970's when there were no other options, fully upgrading them with new GWR bogies (they come with BR Mark 1 bogies) and fully lining them out.

I myself have used the Tri-ang product as a basis for building freelance 009 coaches.
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The clerestory coaches had a longer service life than that. As this website shows, many survived in passenger service into the forties, and the first example on the site shows it condemned in 1955, although by that time they may have been transferred to service stock or camping coaches. They probably did not receive any form of BR livery, retaining the GWR livery.
The drop-lights would not have originally been so much crimson as mahogany and would probably, under many layers of varnish, darkened even more over the years. Painting the drop-lights is not actually that difficult - just don't overload the brush. It helps if you dismantle the coach and remove the glazing first. This is easy on the older clerestories but I do not know whether Hornby has changed the way in which they are now fixed together [ie. glued or just screwed].

The coach is not 100% accurate as has been pointed out, but with the addition of one further compartment and some correct bogies, it can be made to look quite prototypical.

These coaches are valuable fodder for plastic surgeons as, with a little care, all sorts of moderately accurate variations can be made from them. Whilst they have been reissued recently by Hornby, fortunately, older and very much cheaper editions appear regularly on eBay.

Have a look here for some variations on the Triang theme. These were all really straightforward conversions:

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QUOTE (Anthony Richards @ 26 Dec 2020, 14:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>...These coaches are valuable fodder for plastic surgeons as, with a little care, all sorts of moderately accurate variations can be made from them...
Or even wildly inaccurate conversions to represent 'something' with a generic pre-grouping appearance. On with the chopping and splicing, add some Fox bogies, give it a paint job, and there you go.
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