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Not an expert here, but in around 1960/61 I received a Christmas present of a Pullman set with a Britannia pacific. I don't remember the details of the engine number, but the format was obviously based loosely on the South Wales Pullman make up of around that time - I'm not sure if there were any other of the Pullman trains that would have had a Brit on - apart from King somebody from somewhere or other as a 3-car boat train from Dover. Were Pullman cars used as whole trains in GWR times? I don't know, so would a GWR Hall have pulled a set in GWR times? At least Albert Hall would have made a plausible substitution in the event of a Brit/Castle breakdown on the South Wales train and in the early years of the Bristol Pullman, when the diesel unit failed, loco hauled sets were used as replacements, so the BR version of Albert Hall is very plausible. Any GWR historians out there to check the GWR times?

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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