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Pat Hammond's book "he Story of Rovex Volume 2 1965-1971 says that it was made in both 68 and 69 with 8,700 made in '68 ans 6,000 in '69. The loco is R759 which is the BR version. Apparently surplus box lids at the end of the run were relabelled for use with the RS604 Night Mail set. The track should all be Super 4, i.e the ****** stuff with the fishplates on the right hand rail.

Pat's 3 books are generally reckoned to be the authority on Rovex. He lists teh contents as "BR Albert Hall R759, three Pullman cars, level crossing, R487 Power connecting clip and oval of Super 4 track. He doesn't mention if ther ewere occasions when the GWR version was used if the BR one wasn't available. Of course, substitution could occur, for R759 (BR livery) with R759G GWR Livery, but I think if that had happened he would have said so. Triang generally sold you want was "on the tin" and didn't indulge in late substitutions. As the market leader at the time they probably had al the items they needed in stock or made them to order and so subs would be unnecessary.

So if your original set had the GWR version, than that would have been the unusual one.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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