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Triang Railways

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Hi Guys,
I am new to model railways, and in my 63rd year, the last being a Triang Standard Grey Track Set in the mid 1950's.

I am at present building up a Triang layout from that era of the Standard Track, and have more than enough track, trains, and accessories to build an 8x4 layout, of which the base has been already built, and splits into 3 sections for easy transportation.

I have an Hammant and Morgan Duel controller, but to keep as much of the layout as original as possible. I also have a Triang P5 Power Controller which has fault and would like some help in rectifying the fault if possible.

I have power from the 12v DC Uncontrolled output, and the 15v AC Output.

Sadly, there is no power from the 12v DC Controlled Output, which I need to run the trains.

When putting a meter on the Output connectors it does have a reading of power just in one place just after the neutral position when I turn the speed control to forward. Turn the controller a bit more and the power is gone. In reverse there is no power at all showing on the meter.

Years ago I would have known somebody whom I could have taken it to, and with their knowledge would have worked out of how the Power Controller works, and most probably could have fixed it.

Can any body help, in advising what the fault may be, and is it possible to fix it, and where.

I live in Cornwall.

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Without trying to teach granny to suck eggs;

You will need to look at how steep the resultant incline is when piers are used,

Depending on the length of run previous to and the total rise of track, the incline may be too steep for a locomotive to successfully climb it.

What is the maximum pier height you intend to use?
How long is the run between level and raised track?
Not as tricky as you would think if you employ flat "V"wedges under the tracks slotting into a corresponding open "V" taper on the other side

To get an idea of what I mean, open two fingers as if making the "Victory V" sign of churchill, you will instantly understand what I mean by the open V tape and the V taper wedge system.

It makes life so much easier as when set correctly, they become self aligning.

As to the idea mentioned about bridging tracks, I had thought of that myself but failed to mention it.
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The "V" wedge alignment is a solution I employed for re-aligning the main four sections for Memory Lane.
Alloy wheel stick on weights from your local tyre fitters is always worth a try
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Brass rod, drilled down the centre for the wire to be soldered into, sleeved with plastruct tubing or heat shrink.

Alternatively, try Maplins for some connectors.....
Had you thought of snooker table baize, or even green felt??
WOW!! What a nice Gesture! I bet you were well chuffed (or, in this case, well fumed, it being a diesel set and all)
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