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Triang Railways

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Hi Guys,
I am new to model railways, and in my 63rd year, the last being a Triang Standard Grey Track Set in the mid 1950's.

I am at present building up a Triang layout from that era of the Standard Track, and have more than enough track, trains, and accessories to build an 8x4 layout, of which the base has been already built, and splits into 3 sections for easy transportation.

I have an Hammant and Morgan Duel controller, but to keep as much of the layout as original as possible. I also have a Triang P5 Power Controller which has fault and would like some help in rectifying the fault if possible.

I have power from the 12v DC Uncontrolled output, and the 15v AC Output.

Sadly, there is no power from the 12v DC Controlled Output, which I need to run the trains.

When putting a meter on the Output connectors it does have a reading of power just in one place just after the neutral position when I turn the speed control to forward. Turn the controller a bit more and the power is gone. In reverse there is no power at all showing on the meter.

Years ago I would have known somebody whom I could have taken it to, and with their knowledge would have worked out of how the Power Controller works, and most probably could have fixed it.

Can any body help, in advising what the fault may be, and is it possible to fix it, and where.

I live in Cornwall.

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Thanks Sarah. Yes that's exactly the one. I still have the "Brush Type 2" although over the years it became Br Blue and then some 20 years ago turned into Railfreight red strip. It still runs. However sometime ago I regretted the repainting although the white stripes had worn off due to my constant handling, so I bought another green one at swap meet. I still have the horse van and the milk truck but the rest disappeared years ago. From time to time I still get the old models out and let them run, great fun

Dave , your layout is great

Alan, yes indeed, don't care what they say, it was the good old days!

Should also point out that after seeing this thread I was compelled to go study my catalogues again 1965 - 1973. Wallowing in nostalgia again!

A lot of nostalgia there! I started out with Triang in 1955, I think it was - grey track, 3F tank, and a plain battery box with no speed control. A bit later I had a Princess Elizabeth and a couple of carriages, but it was only a few years before the carriages went banana shaped. How on earth did you find so many that look pristine? I'm impressed!

Hi Andrew,
The majority of my collection I got on Ebay, including 5 early Train sets, and just went from there over the past 12 months.

Regarding the very early carriages, which were subject to warping, you just have to be careful on what you buy by looking at the pictures, and also I have the theroy that if you buy enough of them, you are bound to end up with the correct amount of good ones that you require.

I have a few warped one's, but that gives the layout character, bearing in mind that it is 60 years old.

Also Elaines Trains were very helpful in supplying a lot of those elusive parts that were missing, and that I had trouble finding, and at very reasonable prices.

Take a look at her website

Thanks for your interest and comments.

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I have managed to find a couple of CDs that fit the bill perfectly to use as backing sounds to my layout.

"Steam Sounds in England" and "Steam Glorious Steam".

Now where did I put that portable CD player to hide under the baseboard???
Picking up the finished backboard on Monday.

Watch this space for the latest pictures.
The Finished Article complete with Backboard.

First exhibition in 2 weeks time.

Hope you like it!!!

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Fantastic! It really is just like these demonstration layouts of old. Really well done on capturing the feel and atmosphere of Triang. Wish I could pop round for a play!
RB.You are quite welcome to pop round for a play.

Only problem there is only 540 miles between us on the AA Route Planner.
Looks great Dave, love the posters on the back scene
very nostalgic.
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Slight alteration to the backboard. Reversed the board so it now has a yellow border.

Baseboard curtain will be finished tomorrow, then it is the big breakdown of the layout and put into boxes to be ready for the 30th November.

Hoping that it all goes back together!!!!

PS. Don't take any notice of the ticket office and porters room on the turntable. Just dropped there for convenience.

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All packed up. and ready for next Saturday's Exhibition.

Next pictures will be from the exhibition.
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Thankyou to everyone's kind comments, it is very much appreciated, bearing in mind this is my first effort at building a model railway with no plan. It's just the way it turned out, doing my best to use every bit of space available on the baseboard. and also bearing in mind that my main hobby is restoring classic motorcycles from the 1950s and 1960s.

I will let you all know how it goes next Saturday.
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Really nice Dave, well done for creating the whole ambience as well as the layout itself. Very characterful, and something a bit different for the punters! There was a clockwork O gauge Hornby layout at Warley this weekend, which got a lot of attention.
Thanks Gavin. We shall see if I get any invites to other exhibitions after Saturday, and if I don't I am not going to worry about it.

I created what I wanted, a childhood memory on a much larger scale, and that is the most important thing.


I covered my baseboard in a roll of Woodland Scenic Grass Mat, only to find that with the slightest touch to the surface, the green comes away leaving the white of the vinal showing through.

Thankfully there are only minor marks at this stage, especially during transportation which I have painted in.

Once I get tomorrows exhibition over, I am seriously thinking about ripping it off, and painting the baseboard.

It's a shame that the local model shop who sold me the grass mat, did not tell me about this happening, when they knew what I wanted it for.

If anyone knows of a more durable product that would do the job instead of paint, please let me know.
Had you thought of snooker table baize, or even green felt??
Great looking layout - well done.

Where's the exhibition? The link doesn't work.
What an absolutely splendid layout. Look forward to seeing pics from the exhibition. Would be nice to have someone make vids for YouTube and we might hear all the complimentary comments, too.

Nice work, Dave
Thanks for your kind comments.

The exhibition by The Falmouth Society of Railway Modellers was held in the village of Budock Water, about 1 mile from Falmouth, Cornwall.

There were 7 layouts on display and over 200 people attended.

Hope you enjoy the pictures

I am not in any of them, because I am taking the pictures, but some club members have hi-jacked my layout and enjoyed playing trains on it which attracted a lot of interest being Vintage Triang, and a new exhibit to the model railway scene in Cornwall

Will post pictures of the other exhibits soon.
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