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Trip to the Rhb (Chur,Davos)

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just got back from a trip to the Rhb (1 metre gauge in Switzerland). My intention was to get lots of photos of the rolling stock etc however on the day of arrival in Davos it started to snow heavily, continuing up until of our day of departure. Still managed to get some nice photos however many details of the rolling stock were obscured. Here is a first sample in Davos.

The Arosa express in Chur, the day before the snow arrived. It was just going dark so had to bump the ISO up.

More photos from Davos, the local weather forecast said -14c.

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Thanks for the positive comments. I wasn't looking for detailed photos to model, mainly just so I could see the trains in the flesh and how they are made up. Here are some more photos.

Got told off for standing on the tracks taking this photo!

Two Ge 4/4 III's.

Conditions at their worst, you can just make out the Glacier Express Panoramic coaches.

Then conditions improved on the last day...the train arriving from Filisur

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Thanks for the replies guys. Here are some more from the last day just before leaving Davos. Nice blue skies at last. It seemed all the services were push/pull from Davos/Filisur and Davos/Landquat. They also seem not to bother about attaching a wagon or two to the back of these trains, in Chur I saw the Arosa express leaving with two cement wagons running behind the driving trailer. When going returning to Landquart from Davos they had a driving trailer in front, then the loco Ge 4/4III Hockey Club Davos with a baggage van behind that so the loco was effectively in the middle.

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I don't seem to be able to do posts with quotes for some reason.

As for the blue skies, possibly the higher altitude and lack of pollution in the air?
Here are a few more with the trains in action. I also spotted some piggy back wagons on the Rhb, one set in Chur (sorry the train was passing on other side of platform so not a clear shot) and the others in a siding between Kublis and Landquart.

Shunter in Klosters

Piggy back wagons

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