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A customer of ours recently purchased from Germany a Trix 22210 Overhead Maintenance unit.
The default address for the traction is, as usual 3. The default address for the operating pantograph & working platform is 4 & sequencial to the traction address, so, if you change the traction address to say 100 the operating functions automatically default to 101.
Using a Lenz LH100 or LH90 the traction functions, running lights, sound & horn operate without problems, however, the operating functions don't work at all - they appear to be "trying" though.
However, when we tried it on a Fleischmann Twin-Centre (AKA Uhlenbrook Intellibox) it worked fine, with the control knob set for "centre off" & then with it in "Marklin" mode.
The (albeit brief) Trix instructions say that the unit will run with any NMRA system.
Anyone got any idea's at all please ?
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Is it the model with two decoders on page 2 of the summer new items?
I have the Marklin version of this model, which I know uses a different protocol however.....

I can suggest 2 possibilities. Firstly are the function outputs on the Lenz switchable between pulseed and latched, i.e can you make mthe function stay 'On', being released by pressing the function button a second time? The functions need to stay on to operate the piezo electric motors for about 10 seconds to raise the platform, and longer to rotate it.

Secondly, I think the Trix has a multi-protocol decoder that reads Selectrix as well as DCC, this may be a problem. The Intellibox/Twin Center can output Selectrix protocol, whereas the Lenz cannot. I wonder if the onboard decoder can be toggled between Selectrix and DCC or whether it auto-detects.

I find my Marklin model a little 'flakey' at times, when I first got it the pantograph did not raise correctly, but after half a dozen resets it is OK, but still needs areset from tie to time. There is a specific function F4 on the Marrklin version to reset the Piezo motors, there should be the equivalent on the Trix version.

Hope this is of some help.

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Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the reply & suggestions - will check out the Lenz function settings - this could very well be the problem.

The Twin-Centre was set for DCC only, according to the Trix instructions the decoders auto detect which protocol is being used.

The F4 has the same function on the Trix one, although in this case its called "initialisation" - one thing is certain thought - the track needs to be cleaner than clean, because if contact is lost it has to be "initialised" again. When working though it's a very nice piece of kit.

I'll let you know how we get on with it.
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