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QUOTE (railcon71 @ 24 Sep 2008, 22:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Not sure what you mean about the insulated centers being the wrong way. Are you talking about the centers in the middle of the wheels? If so, i never took the drivers apart or completely out. But what i am wondering about, if oil got in between the insulator and the wheel, could that cause the short and how would i clean the oil out without taking the drivers out and taking them apart? I did find out that there can be hardly any oil on the wheels on the tender, because that wheel cause the tender to short out.

***You mention that you checked the driver springs and the pickup shoes.... I presume you mean pickups and not shoes - shoe usually means a 3 rail pickup

Anyway - if you checked them this means you must have accessed them somehow - did you remove them? if so, its likely that when you replaced them you have accidentally put one out of position and made a contact between a pickup and the chassis instead of just to the wheel. you will have to carefully disassemble again and check step by step as you go..

Re the oil, no, it will not cause a short.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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