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Trix K.Pev T3

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Coming in the fourth quarter of this year is model 22018 of the Prussian T3 from Trix. This looks to be a good one and will be accompanied by the release of matching coaches Trix model 23354.
These are both one time series Exclusive models for 2006.

The locomotive has a miniature can motor in the boiler. The locomotive looks as the prototype did in Era I. The frame and boiler are made of die-cast metal. The locomotive has a 21-pin connector for digital decoders. 3 axles powered. 1 traction tire. A 66839 digital decoder can be retrofitted into the locomotive. The headlights are LED's, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. The locomotive has detailed running gear with a representation of the Allan valve gear. There is a clear view through the engineer's cab. The locomotive has many separately applied details. It looks as the prototype did in Era 1 with older style buffers and petroleum oil lanterns. The locomotive has NEM coupler pockets. Length over the buffers 99 mm / 3-7/8".

Langenschwalbach design cars with trucks, 3rd production run: type CC4itr Pr14, 3rd and 4th class with a baggage compartment, and type C4itr Pr14, 4th class with a baggage compartment. Era 1, Royal Prussian Railroad Administration (KPEV).
2 different "Langenschwalbach" passenger cars with trucks. The first car (3rd and 4th class) comes with an open end platform and an enclosed vestibule. The second car (4th class) comes with two open end platforms. The roofs on both cars have clerestories, the trucks are specific to this type of car, and the cars come with older design buffers, grab irons and walkover plates. The cars have built-in interior details. Car set length 299 mm / 11-3/4".
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The T3 was produced in three distinct versions. The main differences are the cabs and length of side tanks, Fleischmann make one of the later types with large side tanks.

There have been at least six attempts to produce an HO T3:

1. Fleischmann 1960's 1:80
2. M&F metal kit
3. Rai-Mo plastic kit based on the M&F kit
4. Rowa based on the Rai-Mo
5. Trix based on Rowa model
6. Fleischmann 1:87 late 80's

Possibly Heinzel and other small manufacturers made RTR handbuilt models based on the kits.

The T3 was used in many areas where large locos could not tread, an axle loading of less than 15t allowed them to operate on lightly laid Kreisbahns.

The new Trix model is available in Germany for as little as 139Eu if you try hard.
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QUOTE I thought it was giggle worthy.

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