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The T3 was produced in three distinct versions. The main differences are the cabs and length of side tanks, Fleischmann make one of the later types with large side tanks.

There have been at least six attempts to produce an HO T3:

1. Fleischmann 1960's 1:80
2. M&F metal kit
3. Rai-Mo plastic kit based on the M&F kit
4. Rowa based on the Rai-Mo
5. Trix based on Rowa model
6. Fleischmann 1:87 late 80's

Possibly Heinzel and other small manufacturers made RTR handbuilt models based on the kits.

The T3 was used in many areas where large locos could not tread, an axle loading of less than 15t allowed them to operate on lightly laid Kreisbahns.

The new Trix model is available in Germany for as little as 139Eu if you try hard.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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