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Trix/Marklin Light Mikado

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I am re-scaling (sounds nasty) and selling off my HO stock - most of which has never been out of the box.

I have recently sold a Trix Mikado (stock number 22801) and the buyer has contacted me stating it has no decoder nor speaker ? He runs a Bachmann E-Z DCC system.

The box clearly states "DDC Decoder and sound" - can someone please explain or enlighten me ? Do Trix models not run on Bachmann DCC systems, or have I bought a loco from Trix that is not as advertised (and therefore sold it as such) ?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hi Don,

According to the Trix (US) website the 22080 does indeed have DCC sound decoder fitted.

hope this helps in some way.
I have the U.P version 22803 and this certainly does have DCC and sound.
Looking at the manual the sound on/off is controlled by F1 which is usually the bell control. F8 is usual sound on/off so maybe he is not tuning sound on correctly.
I use a Lenz controller and have had no problems except for the whistle sticking on ! This is F2.
The default address is 3 as usual but maybe the address has been changed.
By the way sound does not work on conventional DC.

Hope this helps,
Thanks Colin, that's a great help - I am not set up for DCC (either on the tabletop or in the mind
) but I've passed on your ideas.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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