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Trumpeter Br 52 Kriegslok

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Hi guys,

I received my Trumpeter Br 52 1/35 scale kit last week and since than all my layout activities has ceased.

After opening the kit I was addicted to it.

It is a very challenging kit with excellent details and skillfuly engineered. Comes with 18 parts in light gray styrene with 700 odd pieces and etched plates. The quality of the styrene is excellent nothing compared with Faller, Vollmer, Kibri...and the likes.

Well, to cut things short , here is the progress so far:

The chassis frame,

The cab interior:

Sad part is when you mount the side panels you won't be able to see all this detail so I have decided not to fit in the doors of the cab and to mount a led on the ceiling, hiding the batteries inside the tender, so once finished one can enjoy the interior.

And the loco body on top of the chassis:

Have a long way to go..

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Hi neil,

About 130 usd.

Hi Baykal. That's quite reasonable. Look forward to seeing it develop.


Looks great. look forward to seeing the completed loco.
The other day I was toying the idea of getting two of these model and converting them into the Mallet. However, I've nowhere to display it, so it staying a pipe dream...
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Hi Al,

The kit when completed will be 86 cm's long !

The progress so far;

Added a led ( 3 volts ) inside the cab.

still a long way to go...

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Looking good...
QUOTE (ebaykal @ 6 Apr 2008, 13:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>still a long way to go...

But getting there steady - thanks for the update & pictures.
Hi guys,

Back from Dortmund and on to my workbench.

Here is a bit of progress:

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What a difference the wheels make!

Hi Erkut,

Looks like Dortmund was productive, model coming along nicely.
Who's red are you using on the underframe and wheels?

Hi David,

Yes Dortmund was truely magic, I am still compiling the 1000 odd photos and surely will share them.

I used Revell's water based acrylic "karminsrot" Matte, wasn't happy with Tamiya's. The body matte black is Tamiya's tough.

That's looking fantastic Baykal. At first glance I though the pictures were from a museum.
This will look awesome once finished.
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Phewww ...its finally over, took nearly 4 months.

Hope you like the outcome;

...with little brother, Gützold Br52;

..and finally, at its hopefully, last resting ground, the Library

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Tell us, what modifications did you make to the kit as supplied? - the tender doesn't look like a standard DR one.

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QUOTE (ebaykal @ 17 Jun 2008, 18:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hope you like the outcome;
I really cannot find words to justify the finished result - stunning does not even come close.

Excellent pics of modeling at it's very, very best.

Thanks for the progress reports & stage by stage pics.

Fantastic, Superb, outstanding!
Very well built.

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