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Its really frustrating sometimes, however there is a trend in most hobby's that the older, possibly better established retailers who want to sell online don't want the stress of retailing online and therefore use these type of order forms of a rather badly thought out extension of their telephone orders.

I'm also getting a bit more dubious of telephone ordering.

Only last week I was in a model shop, the owner was out the back getting something from stock and the phone rang, one of the "regulars" who was standing by the till answered the phone and took the order for a reserved item, no details were exchanged apart from the name.

Its in small hobby communities that things like this are likely to happen. Next time you ring a shop for a hobby purchase, unless you know the retailer by voice, how can you guarantee that its actually them you are talking to?

I know I've gone off topic here and sorry for the thread drift!

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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