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I still keep my UK bank accounts open as I intend to return home at some point and still have cheque books and so on. This helps me get round some of those difficulties. I recently got a renewal notice for CM from PECO and they wanted all my credit card details including the three digit number on the back written on the form and returned by m ail. I did this as I figured it was easiest and my Australian bank will usually phone me if anything unusual comes up on my bill. This did happen this year when someone in Cambridge run through 1 pound, this was obviously a tester to see if they would get away with it. I then had to change my card. The German dealer that I regularly use, Modelbahn Kramm, have all my details on file so I just email them what I want which saves having to resubmit my credit card details over and over again. With Rails and Hattons I think I have tmy details on file too and just log in when I'm ordering. One good thing is that many dealers will question when goods are not being sent to the address on the credit card.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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