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TT Layout

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Hi all!

In my other thread I've already told to some of you, that I found my 25 years old TT locos and decided to build a new layout. Only the locos and cars are usable, all others are a no-no. Most of the locos and cars are in very good condition, though need some cleaning and repair (change wheels of the cars, install new interior lights, etc). The layout will be digital.

Now I will just post my inital track plan, all suggestions are welcome!

I've already bought a new Pico DB Taurus, runs much-much nicer then my old TTs. Now I am just waiting for my decoder and my Control station.

I hope that the track plan will be finalized this week.
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I've just bought a massive lot of BTTB (30 odd locos, 100 odd bits of rolling stock), and I'm debating how much to sell on and what to keep. I'll be interested to hear how you find fitting DCC to them.
Have a look at this site which will give you some ideas which are more germanic in nature


John, that's an amazing website they must have spent years doing all that research. The photographs certainly give a feeling of the line and the drawings are wonderfully atmospheric.

A real pleasure to look at, thanks for posting the link.

I redrew some:)

The middle section would be elevated (dont know the exact height yet). There would be a rail bridge on the right which would connect to a new section if I plan to upgrade this layout later.
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Need a new engine:

The new TT from Piko (the cheapest modell, costs € 60, other more detailed models start around 120 euros)

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The Piko are actually pretty good for the money, good runners & the detailing excellent when you consider the price.

The final layout and ready for assemble. Now I just need to treat the wood before assembly.
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Little update:

Not much progress, I have finished the table, need to buy tracks now (quite expensive:()...also bought 100 wheels and I am in a process of changing my old wagons' wheel.

Till then here some real nice at least for me:

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Laying tracks, outer loop is done (temp laying).

Sorry bout the quality (took the pics with my phone).
QUOTE Sorry bout the quality (took the pics with my phone).

The quality is fine but could you please make them smaller? They way over the Forum image width limit and they took an age to download on my slowish broadband. The recommended sizes are listed - here

Thanks in anticipation

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