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Hi Guys,

I am doing a two track main line and now is the time to put one single tunnel on one line and then another on the other line about 600mm further on, is there any set measurements for tunnel width? my track is regulation 61.5 between the two tracks from the centre and from the centre of each track to the outside is 40mm so the width of the track board is 141.5, the opening of the Auhagen single tunnel portal is 40mm wide no problems there but the tunnel width needs at least 155mm unless i cut off most of one side which would not look great, so to get two portals on to the track I would need at least 220mm or even a little bit more, any ideas?



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I think this post in the recent British tunnel portals topic provides the information you need.

For reference photos, you could search for "tunnels" in the Science & Society Picture Library to which the Forum has recently become affiliated.

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