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Turnout Motors

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I went to Scale Four Rail Wells this morning. While picking up some right angle clamps on the Finney & Smith stand I came across Hoffmann turnout motors:
Hoffmann Turnout motors these offer slow action, polarity switching
at 8 quid a shot. With a two quid accessory kit easy operation of semephore signals as well. They also offer a low profile for under the base board mounting.
Finney & Smith
Turnout switchmachine installation

Rail Wells was a really nice show not too crowded, nice layouts, friendly traders (no box shifters) all in all a morning well spent.
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It looks good.

I don't understand why they don't put their site into English too. Are they happy to promote their good only to a German market...?
I guess the German market is such that it's all they can handle given their size. Those etched wagon kits have a lot of character.
I have an English tranlation if you need me to scan it.
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