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I am embarking on my layout and have a very basic question - to fit a turntable into the layout do I need to cut a hole in the base board and fit the turntable into it or does it sit on the base board.

Thanks in advance for an answer!

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It pretty much depends on which brand of Turntable you are going to use actually.

Fleischmann,Roco,Maerklin turntables, yes you need to cut a hole.
Hornby turntable, sits on the baseboard. No idea of Peco but guessing by its shape think you have to cut a hole.

However,having said all this, I know people using the above mentioned turntables without cutting a hole but lifting the surrounding medium either by styrofoams and fitting its edges on to it without cutting the baseboard.

But common practice is, yes you have to cut.

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