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Twickenham MRC's D&E OO layout

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Twickenham & District MRC is actively prepared to back the construction of a new OO D&E layout.

The club's committee has allocated storage space to store the layout

The club's committee has allocated floor space to set the layout up in the club room

The club's committee has allocated funds to build the layout

We already have a small number of D&E modellers, but to make a layout build viable we need a couple more.

Come down and meet us any Friday.
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Twickenham MRC are starting a post-privatisation layout in 2017!

Twickenham MRC are very pro-D&E modelling and even though our existing D&E membership is quite small the committee have given the 'GO' to start a D&E laout in OO in January 2017. It will be small to begin with but the aim is to show the club's commitment to D&E modelling and attract more D&E modellers to build another BIGGER project in the near future.

The project officially starts on Jan 8th at the club's first meeting of 2017 - come down and be part of this exciting development.
The baseboards are built !

New members have been recruited !!

TWICKENHAM MRC's D&E layout is GO!!!
Great news!

Twickenham MRC's new Diesel & Electric era OO gauge layout will be running at our July 22nd Open Day.

Basic running - but it will be running!

Interested in D&E modelling - come and see us on July 22nd!
Just to say that TDMRC's new D&E era layout is progressing nicely and will be on show at the club's 'pop-up' exhibition in the heart of Twickenham on April 21st - do come and see us!
Apologies for lack of posts here - a house move and full time work has somewhat taken all my time over the last nine months!

But just to say that our MODERN DAY D&E layout EASTGATE will be running at our upcoming club OPEN DAY on Saturday July 13th.

Full details including map here
Twickenham MRC's MODERN DAY D&E layout EASTGATE will be operating at the club's annual OPEN DAY on Saturday July 13th.

Full details here
Here' a photo of Eastgate under construction - you can see it with lots more scenery at our Open Day on July 13th.

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Apologies for not updating this thread - I have just been soooooooooooo busy!

EASTGATE has progressed greatly since my last post although we group has suffered as several keen members have moved out of the area and cannot attend as regularly as they once did.

So the club is hoping to attract more 'modern era' modellers.

Do you model the post 1968 scene - Blue diesel? Sectorisation? Post privatisation? We cater for all tastes!

Why not come down and see the layout for yourself at our upcoming OPEN DAY - details below

JULY 29th - 10.00 to 16.00


WWW.TDMRC.ORG.UK [email protected] TEL : 01932 783253

We hope to see YOU there on July 29th!
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